Guilin’s Most Famous Mountains, with Cool Names

One of the most incredibly beautiful places in the world, Guilin, along with its countryside Yangshuo, boasts a great stretch of surreal and dramatic karst mountains. They are in a variety of different shapes and poses, and many of them are with very cool animal names.

The mountains on Li River

1. Elephant Trunk Hill (象鼻山)

Right at the bank of Li River, the hill resembles an elephant dipping its snout into the river, thus the name Elephant Trunk Hill. 

Elephant Trunk Hill Guilin

2. Old Man Mountain or Laoren Mountain (老人山)

Don’t you think it really looks like an old man? 

Old Man Mountain in Guilin

3. Solitary Beauty Peak (独秀峰)

With 5 minutes hiking up on the arduous stone steps, we’ll come to the top of peak, and be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Ming Jingjiang Prince’s City and Guilin city center embraced by the rolling hills.

Solitary Beauty Peak

Jingjiang Prince’s City of Ming Dynasty

4. Camel Hill (骆驼山)

Inside Seven Star Park, the hill was originally named Wine Pot Hill. Do you think it looks more like a camel or a wine pot?

Camel Hill

5. Fubo Hill (伏波山)

Another stone hill stands beside Li River in downtown Guilin.

Fubo Hill Photograghy

6. Moon Hill (月亮山)

A fun-filled place, where you can go hiking, climbing and rock-climbing

Moon Hill in Yangshuo

Yangshuo Moon Hill

7. Cockfighting Hill (斗鸡山)

It is one of the natural wonders along Li River. Exercise your imagination - these are two cocks fighting!

Cockfighting Hill along Li River

8. Nine-horse Fresco Hill (九马画山)

One of the Li River cruise highlights, people found “nine horses” on it. For me, it is really hard to figure them out! 

Nine-horse Fresco Hill

9. Scholar Hill or Shutong Hill (书童山)

This hill resembles a teenage scholar who is carefully reading. 

Scholar Hill along Li River

10. Laozhai Mountain (老寨山)

On the hilltop, you will have a panoramic view of the stunning Li River and enticing Xingping Town. 

Laozhai Mountain in Xingping

Yangshuo Xingping Landscape

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