Yellow Mountain in Different Seasons, in Photos

Is it now the best time to visit Yellow Mountain?

Famed as the most beautiful mountain in China, Anhui Province’s Yellow Mountain (Mt Huanghan) is a must-have sight in all seasons. 

Mount Huangshan in Spring

Yellow Mountain in spring time – nice-smelling green grass and trees, flowers in a riot of colors, everything comes to life and lures nature enthusiasts from being lazy at home. The Guangming Peak (Bright Summit) is the best place for watching sunrise. 

Yellow Mountain in Summer

Yellow Mountain in Winter Time

Yellow Mountain in summer time - a cool escape from the summer sun and husky, brawling city life, we enjoy the oddly-shaped pines, running waterfalls, the streams and brooks gently flowing in the whispering forests, as well as the seas of clouds after the rainfall. 

Buddha light on Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain in autumn time – the mountain trails are paved with fallen red maples and interspersed with yellow chrysanthemums and ripening fruits, while the jagged cliffs and stones stand out and turn into a variety of shapes, resembling different animals. 

Plank Road on Yellow Mountain

Oddly-shaped pines on Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain in winter time – it isn’t all about bitterly cold, but an ice and snow world with hot springs. Winter is considered by many as the most beautiful time of the mountain. Moreover, the spectacle of seas of clouds emerges more in winter. 

Yellow Mountain with Snow

Yellow Mountain Cable Car

Mount Huangshan in the Mist

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