6 Different Ways to Explore the Most of Great Wall

Outgrowing its original function as grand defensive fortification against the northern nomadic groups, China Great Wall is now a renowned ancient legacy and famed as one of the Seven World Wonders. 

The Full View of Great Wall in China

Sightseeing tour of Badaling or Mutianyu Great Wall

The well-kept Badaling Great Wall is favored by domestic tourists, but not for international travelers. Head for Mutianyu, take a cable car up to the top to have a bird's eye view of the amazing snake wall and surrounding mountains.

Green Great Wall

Hiking on Jinshanling Great Wall

Prepare for a day-long hike on the Jinshanling section, or explore in depth to the Simatai Great Wall and several other remote, wild Great walls for a more authentic Great Wall experience.

Hiking on Simatai Great Wall Beijing

Camping on Great Wall 

Summer is the best season for camping on Great Wall. Trekkers in Beijing can choose to camp on wild Great Walls like Jiankou Great Wall, Huanghualing Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall, etc.

Camping in the Wild Great Wall

Campling on Great Wall China

Picnic on Great Wall

Prepare yourself lunch with delicate desserts and fruits. It will be a great pleasure to make tea or coffee on Great Wall.

Picnic on Great Wall

Enjoy Coffee on Great Wall

Practice Tai Chi on Great Wall

For Chinese Kung Fu enthusiasts, you should not miss practicing Tai Chi on Great Wall to have the best experience of extensive and profound Chinese culture and civilization. 

Practice Tai Chi on Great Wall

Practice Kung Fu on Great Wall

Photography tour of Great Wall

When walking on the century-old walls, through the weather-beaten beacon towers, and peering into the distance, get your camera ready for a great photo of an unparalleled achievement in human history!

China Great Wall under Blue Sky

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