10 Amazing Roads: the Most Beautiful Drives in China

Whether being criticized or appreciated, China has been especially keen to chase the superlatives, like the Jaw-dropping architectures, ostentatious hotels, or the most challenging roads – which stretches across the seas, goes to the coasts, mountains, valleys and through the tunnels. 

1. Jiaozhou Bay Bridge (胶州湾跨海大桥)

A truly amazing feat of engineering in Shandong Province, it is the world’s longest bridge with 36km (22.3 mi) over water. 

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge by night

2. Hanging‬ Highway‬ (挂壁公路)

There are 6 hanging highway dig out of the cliffs in China, among which, Guoliang Hanging‬ ‪Highway claims to be the most dangerous and oddest one. Would anyone like to try?‬

Hanging‬ Highway‬ in China

Guoliang Hanging‬ Highway‬

3. Zhongnanshan Highway Tunnel (终南山公路隧道)

One of the birthplaces of Taoism, Zhongnan Mountain now features China’s longest tunnel – the double tunnel is 36.04 km (22.3mi) long, and takes 15 minutes driving. The special lighting is to relieve visual fatigue.

Zhongnanshan Highway Tunnel

4. Aizhai‬ Suspension ‎Bridge‬ (矮寨大桥)

In West Hunan Province, the bridge spans 1,146 meters (3,760 ft.) over Aizhai town with a deck height of 350 meters.

Hunan Aizhai‬ Suspension ‎Bridge

Aizhai‬ Suspension ‎Bridge

5. Aizhai‬ Mountain Highway (矮寨盘山公路)

Part of 319 National Road, with 13 breathtaking bends

Aizhai‬ Mountain Highway

6. Winding mountain highway of Tianmen Mountain (天门山盘山公路)

The 10.77-meter-long (6.92 mi) Tianmen Mountain Highway has 99 bends, and leads to “Heaven Gate” as the altitude rises from 200m to 1300m. 

Tianmen Mountain Highway

Wingsuit flying over Tianmen Mountain Highway

7. The 24-bend Road (二十四道拐)

Zigzag mountain road in Guizhou, it’s an outstanding example of precipitous highways in China, and a historic site of Anti-Japanese War - will be a good try for cycling.

The 24-bend Road in Guizhou

8. Tarim Desert Highway (塔里木沙漠公路)

Hit the Tarim Desert Highway to cross the "dead sea" Tarim Desert, enjoy yourself with the exotic scenery of limitless sand tunes and millennium-old euphrates poplar. 

Tarim Desert Highway

9. Highways to Tibet (入藏公路)

Drive or bike to Tibet by the scenic Sichuan-Tibet Highway, Qinghai-Tibet Highway, Yunnan-Tibet Highway or Xinjiang-Tibet Highway. 

Sichuan-Tibet Highway

10. Taiwan Su-Hua Highway (苏花公路)

One of the world’s most famous scenic highways, from Su-ao in Yilan to Hualien, 118km of the highway goes along the coast and offers a spectacular view of Pacific and waves dashing against the cliff…

Taiwan Su-Hua Highway

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