Color Chaser: A Photography Trip to Yunnan

The place's given a beautiful name - Yunnan, ‘the south of colorful cloud’, and endowed with intriguing natural scenery and enchanted ethnic culture. For years, it has been one of China’s most photographed destinations, with many amazing locations of landscape photography. 

The list of places for picture-taking in Yunnan seems never-ending, and here are top 5 of them. 

Dongchuan Red Land in Kunming

1. Dongchuan Red Land Kunming

160 km away from Spring City Kunming, Dongchuan Red land reaches its most beautiful time from May to June and from September to December. The spectacular color-covered landscape combined with red land, green potato sprouts and golden fields of wheat and highland barley extend to as far as your eye can reach. March is time for a snow-blanketed wintery landscape. 

Dongchuan Red Land Photograhy 

Dongchuan Red Land with Minority People

2. Yuanyang Rice Terraces 

China’s most stunning terraced rice fields, it is a masterpiece of agriculture created by local Hani people, and a paradise for painters and photographers. Furthermore, get your camera ready for the Hani and Yi people’s colorful ethnic costumes and distinctive traditional villages and dwellings.

Colorful Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Misty Yuanyang Terraced Fields

Hani people in Yuanyuang Yunnan

3. Jianshui Ancient Town  

The over 1200-year-old Jianshui Town keeps more than 50 ancient buildings and historic sites, therefore is famed as "the museum of ancient building" and "the museum of ancient habitant". Yinghui Gate and Double Dragon Bridge are the most famous ones.

Confucious Temple in Jianshui

Jianshui Double Bridge

4. Canola Flowers Fields of Luoping 

In the spring time, starting from February, the countryside of Luoping sees an ocean of golden canola flowers stretching though the roads, villages and the Karst hills. Besides, don’t miss the Nine Dragon Waterfall in Luoping.

Canola Flowers Fields of Luoping

Luoping Nine Dragon Waterfall

5. White Water Terraces in Shangri-La

Standing 2380 above sea level, the water terraces is a pure place and the holy land of local Naxi people. 

White Water River Terraces

White Wate Terraces photography

White Wate Terraces in Shangri-La

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