Five great hiking trails in China

Mad about hiking? China is a country of vast natural beauty and majestic man-made wonders that never fail to impress. There are an array of hiking trails - from easy, moderate to even challenging - for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Great Wall of China, Beijing

The Great Wall is probably the most iconic of all the options for hiking in China. This world's longest wall, stretching

over 13,000 miles, makes its way through varied landscapes. For hikers, it is a great challenge to finish the whole journey. Even a short walk on the Wall is something to cherish in travel memories. The popular hiking sections of Great Wall are Mutianyu to Jinshaling, Jinshaling to Simatai, and Gubeikou to Jinshanling. It is rare in a hike to get such an panoramic views the whole time.

Yellow Mountain, Huangshan City

Yellow Mountain features its five unique views - the legendary pines, oddly-shaped rocks, phantasmagoric sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snows. The most popular activity on Huangshan is hiking around to see the scenery. A day or two is all that should be needed to explore the mountain thoroughly.


Guilin is frequently highlighted by scenic Yangshuo to the south, and spectacular Longsheng Rice Terraces in the north. The Li River is considered to be the most beautiful river in China. Along the 83-kilometre waterway from Guilin to Yangshuo, there offers an icredible range of hiking options, passing towering karst hills, rural villages, rice fields and some local fruit fields.

Also, please do not miss to hike through the Zhuang and Yao minority villages of Longji Terraced Fields area in Longsheng country, about160 kilometers away form Yangshuo.


Believe it or not, there is a possiblity for you to find the the World of Pandora in the movie "Avatar". Those floating mountains really exists in Zhangjiajie city. Within Zhangjiajie National Park, it is a perfect place for hiking. You are suggested to take 2 or 3 days there.

Tiger Leaping Gorges

Rough but absolutely worthwhile; hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge is a not-to-be-missed travel adventure to have between Lijiang and Shangri-la in Yunan province. The gorge is 17 kilometers (10 miles) long, and there is a high path above the Yangtze River. Due to its precipitous landforms, hiking has some difficulties. Yet, the dramatic scenery along the way can be a great reward for the effort.

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