Tibet Extension to South Gansu: Holy Temples and Pure Land

China’s off-the-beaten-track destination, simple and unsophisticated Gannan (South Gansu) is part of Amdo Tibetan regions, and make up the passage of Old Silk Road. If you’re lucky to visit Gannan in your life, make sure go inside yourself and be grateful. It is a land of beauty and a dream for Tibetan culture vultures. 

Being aloof from the world, Gannan accepts and inspires the believers.

Labrang Monastery pilgrims

Labrang Monastery – Buddha’s light shines on this sacred temple – the college of world Tibetan studies. Here the world’s longest wall of prayer wheels lasts for miles.

Full view of Holy Labrang Monastery

The happy monks in Labrang Monastery

Gongtang Pagoda – It enshrines a Buddha Statue from Nepal. Ascend the pagoda, you’ll have a full view Labrang Monastery.

Gongtang Pagoda

Zhagana (扎尕那) – an untouched land, a real paradise with breathtaking yet serene natural scenery. Here are the villages hidden in misty mountains, while people living a simple life…

The primitive village of Zhagana in Gansu

Sangke Grassland – Green alpine meadow and clear blue sky have set the scene for a great nature adventure. There will be exciting horse racing event on Lunar July 30th (usually late August and early September)

Sangke Grassland in South Gansu

Langmusi – A little yet legendary town in the border of Gansu and Sichuan nourishes both Tibetans and Muslims, ideal for hiking and offering an opportunity for celestial burial. 

 Langmusi in Winter

Sun Buddha Festival in Langmusi

Gahai Lake (尕海湖) – 3400m above sea level, it is a place for bird watching.

Pure Gahai Lake

Summer time of June till August is the best time to visit Gannan, with temperature between 15 – 30 degrees centigrade. 

Pilgrims in Langmusi

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