The Pamirs in Spring: Celebration of Tajik Spring Festival

Lake Karakuri and Muztagh Ata

Standing on 4000m to 7700m, with the world’s second highest peak K2 (8861m), the Pamirs is regarded by local Tajik ethnic group as “the roof of the world”. 

As spring warms the earth, the land turns green and all flowers begin to bloom – the Plateau of Pamirs is no exception.

 The Pamirs in Spring Time

In Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang, the Tajiks celebrate their most important festival – the annually Spring Festival – on March 21. Various traditional activities are held such as horse racing, playing polo and equestrianism. Boys and girls put on colorful costumes singing and dancing happily with the music of eagle flute (made by eagle bone) and drums. All of the villagers stay together for a feast and pray for a harvest year. 

Beautiful Xinjiang Uyghur  People

Tajik Spring Festival on The Pamirs

Authentic Xinjiang Food

Meanwhile, get your camera ready to capture the exotic yet gorgeous natural scenery of spring on the serene Pamirs: the turbulent Gaizi River cuts the snow-capped Kunlun Mountain and creates the awe-inspiring Gaizi Gorge; the White Sand Mountain is made up of dozens of shining sand dunes; crystal Lake Karakuri reflects the mysterious, lofty Muztagh Ata; nearby, flocks of sheep graze on the grass, watched by a herdsman.

White Sand Mountain in Xinjiang

The Pamirs in Spring

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