How Was the Jagged Yunnan Stone Forest Formed?

Kunming Stone Forest

One of the “must-have” attractions in Yunnan Province, despite the immense popularity of a visit, the Stone Forest remains a tranquil and mysterious place. Many ask how this wonder of geology was created.

The Pavillion in the Stone Forest Kunming

The earth’s rarely-seen Karst landscape has been found rising in the southwest of China, and listed as a world natural heritage by UNESCO. The Stone Forest Park is just part of it and endowed with rows of limestone pinnacles and deep valleys — grotesque rocks resemble things and animals of different shapes. 

The grotesque rocks in Stone Forest

The “stone forest” was carved out over millions of years by geologic forces – first of all, the limestone rocks were compressed and fractured, and the resultant vertical joints incised the rock into lattice; then after the water erosion, the cracks got widening and deepening, and the rock columns and pillars were dissected and rising up, and finally formed a stone forest. 

Jagged Stone Forest in Yunnan

The rocks of Stone Forest

Nature’s great works, Yunnan Stone Forest Park is of great interest to geologists, adventurous, photographers and casual travelers. 

Yunnan Stone Forest

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