Beijing Douzhi'er

Douzhi'er, among Beijing’s traditional snacks, is perhaps the most controversial one - favored by older Beijingers but usually turned down by tourists. It is said that a best way to know if one is a native Beijinger is to invite him or her to drink a bowl of Douzhi'er. 

Douzhi - the signature drink of Beijing

Douzhi'er is actually the fluid remnants produced when making mung bean noodles. After several days of fermenting, the soy milk appears light green and tastes slightly sour and bitter. Beijing has a long history of making this juice. All places that make Douzhi’er in Beijing keep the recipe a very closely guarded secret. 

Lao Ciqikou Douzhi Shop

Traditionally most people drink Douzhi’er with Jiaoquan'er (fried ring-shape bread) and some pickled vegetables. The fragrant crispy Jiaoquan’er can balance the sour taste of the bean juice, while salty pickle slices complete the combo. 

Beijing Douzhi

One man's food is another man's poison. Most people have to pinch their nose when trying Douzhi’er the first time. And even, the grey-green color and strange taste are described as swilling. But to old Beijingers, it is their favorite drink and addictive. Actually, Douzhi’er is a good source of protein, vitamin C and dietary fiber - helpful for most chronic diseases. Perhaps if you could manage to try a couple times, you will like it too.

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