Peking roast duck - the signature dish of Beijing

Peking Roast Duck (běi jīng kǎo yā 北京烤鸭) is prized for the shining color, crispy skin and tender meat. Hiking the Great Wall and eating Peking duck are popularly known to be the two must-do things while you visit Beijing. Below, let's get some idea about the signature dish of China’s capital city.  

Peking roast duck,Beijing China

Peking roast duck used to be the delicacy for imperial families only; and its history can be traced back to as early as the Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368). The opening of Bianyifang and Quanjude restaurants made it available to the public. For hundred years, the technique of preparing Beijing roast duck remained the same. The traditional way is to roast ducks in either a closed or hung oven till the meat is slowly cooked.

chef slicing Peking Duck at Quanjude,Beijing China

The cooked Peking duck is traditionally carved in front of the diners and served in three stages. First, the chef will show you a whole roasted duck, and slice it into 100-120 evenly sized pieces in few minutes. The slices are then wrapped in a thin pancake with Chinese onion, cucumber and sweat bean sauce. Fingers are mainly used to eat Beijing roast duck rather than chopsticks. 

Peking duck served on a pancake

Besides the duck meat there are also many duck related dishes such as salted duck liver, mustard duck feet, fried duck heart and 4 treasures of duck (heart, liver, stomach and meat). The last course is the tasty duck bone soup, which would give the dining a perfect end.

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