Tibet Tours

Located in north east of Himalayas, Tibet is the highest region on earth that homes to Tibetan and other ethnic groups. It is an untouched land with numerous crystal lakes, remote high altitude deserts, high snow-capped mountain that worth an unforgettable adventure. 

Tibet attracts millions tourists around the globe for the enchanting natural beauty and unique folk customs. Tibetan people have strong beliefs held by Buddhism, and many amazing cultural sites to visit are kinds of grand monastery or Temples. The obvious natural features, boasting the high Mt.Eeverest, crystal holy lakes or plateau scenery…

  • Tibet is steeped in history, rich in natural beauty and home to some of the world's most sacred pilgrimage sites. On this Tibet trip you will gain an insight into this fascinating land under the spe ...
  • Potala Palace, monasteries, pilgrims, holy lakes, Tibetan culture and more... This 7 day program is a comprehensive fast-paced tour featuring the highlights of Tibet in a brief visit.
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