Exploring Classic Shanghai in One Day: 5 Must-visit Attractions

The former little fishing village beside China’s East Sea, Shanghai now has transformed into a freewheeling center with booming economy. Take a look beyond a dense cluster of tall buildings with magnificent facades, and you will discover more history, culture and hospitable natures.

1. The Bund

One of Shanghai’s most famous landmarks, The Bund is known as the epitome of Shanghai’s one-hundred-year colonial history, with an amazing display of colonial-era European architectures. 

The Bund by night

Shanghai's colonial-era European architectures

2. Shanghai World Financial Center

For international travelers, it is one of the remarkable landmarks in China. Visitors are encouraged to ascend this 492-meter-high building and enjoy the view from the 100th floor/97 floor/94 floor of the Shanghai Pudong Area and Hupu River.

The skyscrapers in Shanghai Pudong Area

Tourists on the Shanghai World Financial Center

3. Yu Garden

A few blocks away from The Bund, in the heart of Old Shanghai, Yu Garden is a masterpiece of classical Chinese gardens. Strolling on the antique corridors, through the delicately-designed pavilions and halls, overlooking the artificial hills, one cannot fail to appreciate its pristine and intoxicating atmosphere.

The Dragon Sculpture in Yu Garden

Yu Garden by Night

4. Town God Temple

Next to Yu Garden, Town God Temple stands out with its long history and ancient architectures, as well as the featured shops and stalls serving all kinds of inexpensive local snacks.

The traditional shops in Town God Temple

Town God Temple by Night

5. Tian Zi Fang

Rebuilt on the local Shikumen-style dwellings, Tian Zi Fang is a well-known landmark of creative industries in Shanghai, and the base for many talented designers and artists. Have a leisure walk on the narrow alleys of Tian Zi Fang, you’ll have a temporary escape from the iron-and-cement-made metropolis.

The inspiring Tian Zi Fang

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