Highlights of Yangtze River Cruise: What to See on China’s Most Legendary River

Ancient Chinese emperors have had the first Yangtze River cruise hundreds of years ago, with several-story wooden official ships sailing for 2200 km and being propelled only by wind and manpower. 

China Yangtze River Cruise

Nowadays, Yangtze River Cruise has been one of the best ways to explore China and discover what’s on the horizon for this mysterious kingdom. When being one of the distinguished guests of the luxury cruise ships, enjoying the personalized service, superior cabins and gourmet food, you’ll be also attracted by the immersive itineraries with shore excursions to several exotic sites and destinations.

Highlights of Yangtze River

Dazu Grottos in Chongqing: This 31-meter-long, 5-meter-high reclining Buddha, depicted in the state of entering nirvana, is part of Chongqing Dazu Grottes and a masterpiece of Chinese Buddhist art.

The reclining Buddha of Dazu Grottes

Fengdu Ghost City: For over 2000 years ago, it has been thought to be the gate to heaven or hell. How do you feel? Sacred, interesting or exciting?

Fengdu Ghost City in China

Shibaozhai: On a 220-meter (720 foot) protruding hill, it is one of the gems of Chinese architecture.

Shibaozhai of Yangtze River

Qutang Gorge & Lesser Three Gorge 

Lesser Three Gorge of Yangtze River

Wu Gorge  

Wu Gorge of Yangtze River

Shenlongxi Stream 

Shenlongxi Stream China

Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam on Yangtze River

Yellow Crane Tower

Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan

Mt. Huangshan

Pine Trees on Yellow Mountain


Shanghai Jing'an Temple

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