The Pastoral Landscape of China: Amazing Terraced Fields

Evidence of humans and nature coexisting harmoniously, the terraced farming is another man-made wonder in China. 

#1 Yuanyang Terraced Fields in Yunnan

Of Yunnan’s 52 minority groups, Hani people have been living and working on the terraced farms for generations. Daba Area, Laohuzui (Tiger Mouth) Area and Duoyishu Area are best places for photography. Don’t miss visiting Hani people’s unique mushroom-shaped dwellings.  

Best Time to visit Yuanyang: from November to next April 

The colorful Terraced Fields in Yuanyang

People walking on the terraced fields in Yuanyang

#2 Longji Terraced Rice Fields in Guilin

Initially built in Yuan Dynasty (1206 – 1368), the paddy fields have occupied most of the hills, with the rural paths winding through and leading to the old villages. It includes Ping'an Zhuang Village Terraced Fields and Jinkeng Dazhai Red Yao Terraced Fields. 

Best time to visit Longji: Spring (April till June) and autumn (September till October), especially May and October for the seed time of water irrigation and harvest time of golden color.

The spectacular terraced fields in Longji

Yao Minority Girls in Longji

#3 Jiabang Terraced Fields in Guizhou

In the mysterious Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Jiabang Terraced Paddy Fields is Miao people’s contribution to the world. The quaint Diaojiaolou dwellings scatter in the terraced farms and draw a beautiful Chinese landscape painting. 

Best time to visit Jiabang: From April to October

Jiabang Terrace Fields in Guizhou

Jiabang Terrace Fields in Spring

#4 Jiangling Terraced Fields in Jiangxi 

Favorably located in the most beautiful countryside Wuyuan, the yellow rapeseed flowers fields are planted on the gentle slopes and extend to the scattered villages – of Huizhou style dwellings and houses. 

Best time to visit Jiangling: from March to April in spring

Jiangling Terrace Fields

Jiangling rapeseed flowers Terraced Fields

#5 Danzhai Gaoyao Terraced Fields in Guizhou

A perfect combination of agriculture and land art, it is ideal for hiking and photography.

Best time to visit Danzhai: mid-March, mid-May, August, September till early October

Danzhai Gaoyao Terrace Fields

Terrace Fields in Danzhai Guizhou

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