Hand-made Chinese noodles

Noodles have a long history in China, and there is a great variety of Chinese noodles. Even today some types of noodles are still made by hand. These freshly hand-made noodles are springy, a bit different from dried noodles. What's more, you might be amused to see the chef making fresh noodles before you eyes, and even challenge yourself to have a try.

La Mian - Hand-pulled Noodles

Among Chinese hand-made noodles, the best known one must be La Mian from Lanzhou city in Gansu Province. You can see the chefs working in the open kitchen. The noodle masters beat, fold and pull a flour-based dough, turning it into fine strips of noodles after only a few quick moves.

A classic bowl of hand-pulled noodles comes with beef broth, slices of beef, coriander and spring onions. The noodles - when come out - are perfectly tender.

Dao Xiao Mian - Knife shaved noodles

Dao Xiao Mian is favorite daily noodle for the local people in Shanxi province. A "log" of firm dough is supported with one hand between the chin and shoulder of the chef; By using a special square-bladed knife, the 7- or 8- inch strips are peeled directly into boiling water to cook.

Knife shaved noodles are soft yet chewy. Served either cold, fried or with broth, they have a delicious flavor. 

Zhu Sheng Mian - Bamboo Kneaded Noodle

What makes Zhu Sheng Mian special is that dough here is kneaded the old-fashioned way - with a bamboo pole; hence the name Bamboo kneaded noodle. The dough, made from flour and duck egg liquid, should be compressed into flat and thin slices. A two-metre pole is tethered to the workbench; and the noodle maker straddles the pole, bouncing up and down to knead the dough for about two hours. A sharp knife is used to cut the slices into fine noodles.

The The yellow egg noodles noodles are often used to cook shrimp wonton or soy-fried noodles. Just as other Guangzhou food, it tastes fresh and light.

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