Senior-friendly Activities and Things to Do in Beijing

For senior travelers, the fascinating city of Beijing offers the best cultural experience – you are encouraged to visit numerous historical monuments and museums, old & new landmarks and traditional Chinese dwellings. In this way, you’ll have an in-depth insight into local Beijingers’ daily life, and the dramatic, dynamic changes happening in Beijing over the decades. Moreover, there are teahouses and hot springs to relax and refresh you. 

Traditional Chinese Gate

1. Mutianyu Great Wall with Cable Car

Great Wall at Mutianyu section is considered the best part for seniors and disables, as it is less-crowded and the cable car/chairlift is easily to take you up and down the Wall. But remember to bring an alpenstock if you’re hiking around.

Beijing Great Wall in Autumn

Senior travelers hiking on Great Wall

2. Stroll through Forbidden City 

Through Tian’anmen Square, this magnificent ancient royal palace is one of the haunting architectures in China with mysterious back stories. Similar UNCESCO heritages include Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven. 

The solemn Forbidden City

3. Yonghe Lamasery (Lama Temple) 

Originally the residential palace for Qing Emperor Yongzheng when he was still a prince, the grand architecture complex was later converted into a sanctuary for Tibetan Buddhist. 

Beijing Yonghe Lama Temple

The pavilion in Yonghe Lama Temple

4. Touring Hutongs with Rickshaw

Many consider it as the best way to explore the old town of Beijing. The rickshaw takes you to the plain, narrow hutongs, and witness the vanishing Siheyuan or courtyards and the really simple local life.

Hutong rickshaw tour

The hidden hutongs in Beijing

5. Exterior Visit of Bird's Nest and Water Cube

Part of the Beijing Olympic Green, both Bird's Nest and Water Cube are new landmarks of Beijing. Why not have a stop here and take some photos?

Fireworks on Bird's Nest

Beijing Water Cube

6. Cultural Teahouses 

Find yourself a teahouse for a rest and indulge in the time passing by with the entertainment of traditional folk arts.

Tea Ceremony in Beijing Teahouses

7. Peking Opera Show

Famed as the quintessence of China, a Peking Opera show is an alluring activity of Beijing night life for elderly travelers. 

Classic Peking Opera Show

Peking Opera Night Show

8. Indoor or outdoor hot spring 

Time to completely relax and try to enjoy the medicated diet of TCM (only served in some of the hot springs). 

Beijing Hot Spring

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