Can Children Learn Kung Fu in Shaolin?

So you’ve watched several kung fu movies starring Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Jet Lee, and dream of being a real kung fu master. 

Shaolin Kung Fu

You’ve known that you should come to China and begin practicing authentic martial arts. Furthermore, you’re encouraged to bring with your kids!

Learn Chinese martial arts

All of us agree that it is best to start learning martial arts from an early age, and children aged from 3 to 7 years have better coordination and flexibility on the body. Martial arts practicing will help to improve their memory and behavior control, focus attention, and develop the ability of creative thinking.

Kids Learn Kung Fu in Shaolin

To learn the authentic martial arts, Shaolin Temple is always the first choice. The original hometown of Chinese wushu, Shaolin Temple in scenic Song Mountain, Henan province is now a famous tourist attraction, but still preserves the real martial arts with a profound Buddhist community. Here you and your children can also study Zen and practice meditation. 

Learn Kung Fu in Shaolin


Enjoy yourself with a fabulous and exciting performance by shaolin monks – they are the real martial artists. And then choose one of a dozen martial arts schools around the temple, which offer customized and considerate short term Shaolin wushu training for both international adults and kids.

Shaolin wushu martial arts

We are all Kung Fu Player! 

Kung Fu Player

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