A Cultural Stroll through Chengdu City

When you think of Chengdu, you think the giant pandas, spicy Sichuan cuisine, playing mahjong in the teahouse… 

Have local breakfast in Chengdu

Living in one of China’s most leisure and easygoing cities, Chengdu people starts a new day with a bowl of hot noodles for breakfast. There is a wide range of noodles of different flavors including Dan Dan Noodles, Sweet Water Noodles, Pork Liver Noodles, etc.

Dan Dan Noodles

Tour Chengdu Panda Base in the morning

Visitors are always amazed at the giant panda elements in Chengdu – there are giant panda clothes, hats, panda post office and all sorts of panda cultural artifacts. Located 10 km north of downtown Chengdu, Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is home to the world’s cutest creature. 

Panda Products shop

Panda Cubs in Chengdu

Lunch at Kuan Zhai Alleys (Wide and Narrow Alleys)

It consists of three historic yet creative alleys - Kuan Alley, Zhai Alley and Jing Alley. For an authentic Chinese lunch, there are fancy or simple restaurants. After the lunch, wander through the alleys for the dazzling local snacks, ancient architecture, quaint courtyard houses, innovative book stores, and arts and crafts shops. 

Kuan Zhai Alleys Chengdu

Kuan Zhai Alleys Architecture

Kuan Zhai Alleys Folk Houses

Unique tea experience in Chengdu teahouses

Find yourself a cultural tea house and savor the joy of simple pleasures by drinking a cup of tea. The teahouses in Chengdu distinguish themselves with the bamboo chairs, Chengdu tea ceremony, and diverse traditional entertainments such as Chinese dulcimer, puppet show, acrobatic tricks and unique clearing up ears service. 

Drinking Tea in Chengdu

Traditional Chinese tea houses

Chengdu hotpot dinner

Hot pot of very spicy flavor is a must-have while travelling in Chengdu. Hot pot restaurants of various grades can be found everywhere in the city. 

Sichuan Hot Pot

Nightlife in Chengdu

Jinli Old Street – one of the oldest, most commercial streets in the ancient Chengdu, it turns to be more beautiful at night with the red lanterns. 

Shops at Jinli Old Street

Enjoy the night show of Sichuan Opera

Chuan Opera

Sichuan Opera

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