China's Last Imperial Palace: Forbidden City, with Precious Old Photos

Want to step back in time to a haunting ancient palace when traveling in China? You ought to go visit the Palace Museum, which is known as the Forbidden City during the times of the emperors. It is a perfect masterpiece of ancient Chinese architecture and the world’s largest existing ancient wooden buildings.

Beijing Palace Museum

1920 - Emperor Puyi (the last emperor of China) hugged a pillar in front of Hall of Mental Cultivation (养心殿).

Palace Museum Old Photos

1923 - The teenage Empress Wanrong was leaning against the railing of Xishang Pavilion, which is not existent today.

Palace Museum Old Pictures

A photo of a maid in the imperial palace, taken in 1924

Old Pictures of Forbidden City

1924 – Photo was taken in the royal garden of Palace Museum; the three ladies are Empress Wanrong, concubine Wenxiu and Lady Shixia Tang 

Old Photos of Palace Museum

Wumen Door(午门) – the Forbidden City’s front entrance. Only the King can walk into the middle door, while others can go inside from the side doors.

Wumen Door of Palace Museum

Today’s Wumen Door

Forbidden City Taihe Door

Taihe Door (太和殿) – the biggest entrance of Forbidden City 

Taihe Door of Forbidden City

Today’s Taihe Door

Forbidden City Taihe Door

Zhonghe Palace (中和殿) – one of the three palaces of Forbidden City, where the king would meet the officials before the all kinds of grand ceremony 

Zhonghe Palace Beijing

Today’s Zhonghe Palace 

Zhonghe Palace of  Forbidden City

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