Ultimate Visual Art: Ancient Chinese Architecture Photography

The masterwork of ancient architecture is not so much the result of science as a great accomplishment of art. 

Ancient Chinese architecture, combined perfectly with the other traditional Chinese arts like painting, carving and handicrafts, is an essential part of world architecture history, and has become an object of fascination for architects and photographers. 

Ancient Chinese Architecture Design

In northern China, Beijing, Xian and Shanxi province are treasure houses of well-kept ancient city walls, palaces, dwellings, towers, pagodas and bridges. While in East China, Suzhou and Shanghai retains sophisticated classical gardens.

Dragon Roof

Palace Museum (Forbidden City) - the mysterious royal palace of 24 emperors in Chinese history, and is now the best-preserve and largest existing ancient wooden architectural complexes in the world.

Palace Museum Autumn View

Great Wall – an ancient Chinese legacy most famous to Westerns offers a unique visual experience. 

Great Wall Photography

Temple of Heaven – everything was specially designed to represent the ultimate sovereign power of heaven and emperor.

Temple of Heaven Architecture

Yingxian Wooden Pagoda – the oldest all-wood pagoda in China, and the tallest all-wood pagoda in the world

Yingxian Wooden Pagoda Shanxi

Potala Palace – a masterpiece of Tibetan architecture, photo by Feng Gao 

Potala Palace Photography

The Stone Palace on Mount Xingde, photo by Minjie Chen  

The Stone Palace on Mount Xingde

Tulou Building in Fujian Province

Tolou dwellings of Fujian

Photo by Chaohui Guo, it recalls an old memories with a blend of Chinese opera and old theater.

China's old theater

The Old Town after the Rain, photo by Yongsheng Zhen 

Traditional Chinese dwellings

The dwellings in East China, photo by Fuyun Long

ancient Chinese architecture style

Wuyuan – City of Stone wrapped in the mist, photo by Shunling Wang

Beautiful Ancient Village of Wuyuan China

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