Tang Dynasty Show

What an evening out may be like during the Tang Dynasty? Visitors to Xian will have a chance to step back in time and relive China's "Golden Age" at the Tang Dynasty Show.

Tang Dynasty performance

The Tang Dynasty (618–907) was based in the capital city of Changan (modern Xian). This period is regarded as the most prosperous era in the days of Imperial China. The show is a recreation based on historical records and literary works reflecting the glory and richness of the Tang dynasty era.

Tang musical instruments

The show comprised of eight sections, lasting just over an hour. Traditional instruments set the musical scene, and dances fell into the two categories of martial and civil. Vigorous dances expressing conflict and battles were normally performed by male dancers. Gentle, soft dances representing romantic stories were performed by female dancers. All performers, dressed in traditional costumes, reproduce the enchanting atmosphere of ancient China. 

Tang martial dance

White Sleeve Dance of Tang Dynasty

An hour before the Tang Dynasty Show begins, guests can be served with a dumpling banquet for dinner. The show and the dumplings dinner can be booked separately; OR, guests can get package tickets for both. There are several theaters in Xi'an for Tang Dynasty Show and the dumpling banquet. 

Tang Dynasty Palace

Tang Dynasty Palace (唐乐宫)
Address: No 75, Changan Road, Xian
Time: 18:50-20:10 (Dumpling dinner); 20:30-21:40 (Tang Dynasty Show)

Shaanxi Song & Dance Theater (陕西歌舞剧院)
Address: No. 165, North Wenyi Road, Xian
Duration: 18:30 - 19:50 (Dumpling dinner); 20:00-21:10 (Tang Dynasty Show)

Sunshine Beauty City Grand Theater (阳光丽都大剧院)
Address: No 100 Huancheng Nan Road, Xian
Duration: 18:30-19:50 (Dumpling dinner); 20:00-21:00 (Tang Dynasty Show)

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